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My first Laravel conference LaravelLiveIndia 2019

Posted on 10 Mar 2019 by Amitav Roy

My love for Laravel has been since the days of Laravel 3. Looking at the great documentation, intuitive API which is so developer friendly and many other reasons, I was convinced that this is the framework of choice for me to work on any project when the stack is primarily PHP. By now it has grown a lot. A lot of new features are being added to the framework. And every new version would be announced at conferences and it's creator Taylor Otwell and so many other great developers would speak about the framework, new patterns and ways of development etc.

Continuous Integration with Gitlab on Laravel

Posted on 26 Jan 2019 by Amitav Roy

I have been practising test-driven development (TDD) for quite some time on projects where I was working alone or my own side projects. But when it comes to working with a team, you come up with new and very interesting challenges. I wanted to ensure that everyone runs PHPUnit before they commit code and yes there are chances even I can forget to check. Human errors are possible, right?

Laravel Register and Login controller and why we should modify it

Posted on 18 Mar 2018 by Amitav Roy

If you have ever used Laravel's auth setup even once, you know how much time it can potentially save when we just want to get going. But, I am not going to talk about what comes with the auth scaffolding. I am here to talk about why it is ok to modify the Login and Register controller which comes by default and how we are going to customise them to our unique requirements.

My trip to Shrivardhan, Harihareshwar

Posted on 31 May 2017 by Amitav Roy

Shrivardhan is a small city about 180 km from Navi Mumbai and it is a perfect place for a small trip. If you have a couple of days in hand then a trip to this place would be a perfect holiday destination. The road condition is generally good and so it's a perfect getaway for those who want to get out of the fast life and relax near a beach.

SPA with L5 and Angular: Setting up the REST controller

Posted on 2 Apr 2015 by Amitav Roy

In this part we will set up the basic REST API points so that our Angular application can talk to these endpoints and fetch the data required. Also in this tutorial I will show you how we can use the Laravel query scope and how it can be very useful when we are building a query with the same set of conditions.

Events in Laravel 5 and customising Model save

Posted on 15 Mar 2015 by Amitav Roy

Laravel has always been a treat to work with and the new version not only brings a lot of added features but also gives a much structured folder structure which will help organize the code even much better. One of the great features of Laravel 4 for me is events which I have shown in my tutorial Laravel 4 how to use Events. But in Laravel 5 the code is structured even better. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can use Events in Laravel 5 and how we can customize the default mode’s save function to fire an event on every save.

Uploading images on AWS S3 from a Laravel 4 application

Posted on 26 Feb 2015 by Amitav Roy

Any web application which deals with a lot of images or a lot of file downloads will for sure want to offload their space requirements for images and files from the mail server to buckets like what Amazon provides us. Some may even choose Amazon cloudfront (CDN) for storing images if their traffic is from different geo locations. So, in this tutorial I will show how we can use the Amazon SDK and the Laravel wrapper to store images on Amazon S3 inside a bucket.

Laravel 4 how to use events

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 by Amitav Roy

One of the most powerful aspects of Drupal is the concept of hooks. We can modify core features of Drupal entities without hacking the core. It’s a great way to separate the concerns of code which in long-term helps us write maintainable code. Laravel's event is one such thing which I can compare with hooks. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a Laravel event like user login and perform some activity using a complete different class.