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Turtuk - The last village of India and its amazing history

Posted on by Amitav Roy

Turtuk is a small village along the banks of Shyok river and it is considered to be the last village of northern India. With the Karakoram range on one side and the great Himalayas on the other, this small village has a lot to offer for the tourists. So, let me take you through a ride of this magical village and it’s amazing history.

A bike trip to Diveagar - prep for the bigger journey

Posted on by Amitav Roy

In July 2019, I will be going to Leh with my wife and another friend of mine. There we will be travelling on bike. And hence this was our warm up trip before the big match. The distance is not much (only 180 kms) from my place, but the important thing was that it was on my new bike and it’s a bike trip after almost 3 years. In this blog post, I will share my journey with you along with some pictures that I have clicked there. Hope you enjoy it.

My trip to Shrivardhan, Harihareshwar

Posted on by Amitav Roy

Shrivardhan is a small city about 180 km from Navi Mumbai and it is a perfect place for a small trip. If you have a couple of days in hand then a trip to this place would be a perfect holiday destination. It's a nice place not very far away from Mumbai or Navi Mumbai with nice clean beach and quite a few buget hotels. In this blog post, I will share my experience with you guys along with a few pictures that I have taken during my trip.