Creating composer packages inside Laravel

Laravel package development

Writing modular code has always been a key point for me when I do development for my own internal project and when I am working on a project in my office. And creating composer package is the best way to ensure that our code is modular and can be not only used by us but others in the community as well. So, in this series, I am going to start from the very beginning of how to create a package inside a Laravel installation to finally publishing it to packagist.

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Setting up a Laravel application inside an Amazon EC2 instance along with VPC setup

Consider a situation where you have developed an application in Laravel and now you want to host it. Shared hosting is really going to be a painful thing to do considering there is limited to no shell access. And many developers may not know the entire inert of how to setup apache, ec2 with ubuntu etc and get started. So in this video, I am going to show you how you can go ahead and setup your Laravel application along with all the necessary tools inside an EC2 instance created inside a Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon Web Services.

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Some disadvantages of single page application

With Javascript becoming so prominent on the web, single page applications are becoming a very common thing to do. Now, as a developer there are many advantages to creating single page applications. But, there are certain things which are really big disadvantage with SPAs and this article nicely explains and compares the problems with a normal web based application.

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My trip to Shrivardhan, Harihareshwar

Shrivardhan is a small city about 180 kms from Navi Mumbai and it is a perfect place for a small trip. If you have a couple of days in hand then a trip to this place would be a perfect holiday destination.

The place is not very far away from Mumbai or Navi Mumbai and the roads are generally in good condition throughout the year. I went there in the month of April and the roads were in perfect condition with my wife.

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How and why I changed Inferno into a package

While creating a lot of videos for my Youtube channel, I decided to create an application which I can continue to work on; add more and more features to it and in the end create videos of them to show how to go about developing those features. Everything was working well when suddenly one day I felt a reason to change the way it was structured. In this article, I am going to discuss about the Inferno package and why I decided to go with a composer package based approach instead of an application.

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Getting started with Vue.js

Get started with Vue.js

There are many javascript frameworks available for front end development. Each has it’s own set of unique features. But one which really attracted me is Vue.js. I recently started learning Angular2 and Vuejs simultaneously and I found it very easy to work with Vuejs. In fact, I am really loving development with Vuejs. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can create a very basic Todo app and learn the basics of Vue.js.

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