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Maximize Your E-Commerce Sales with Typeform and Klaviyo: The Ultimate Marketing Combo

Posted on 5 Feb 2023 by Amitav Roy

Maximize Your E-Commerce Sales with Typeform and Klaviyo: The Ultimate Marketing Combo

Do you have an e-commerce website and you have heard about zero-party data trying to understand what this buzzword means? Or, you have some knowledge about what it is, but you want to understand what are tools available on the modern internet that you can use to collect data from your customers.

In this article, I am going to talk about what zero-party data is, how it can be collected, and how it can be used to personalize the experience of your customer.

What is zero-party data?

As modern internet users become more privacy aware, zero-party data is becoming very important. Zero-party data refers to data that is voluntarily or proactively shared by an individual with a company. In this kind of situation, the customer/user has full control of what data they are sharing with the company. Companies use zero-party data to empower individuals by communicating with them in a more personalized manner.

For example, questions around our likings and preferences are how e-commerce companies will gather more insights about their customer. And, the customer will share this information expecting a better shopping experience.

Forrester Research was the first to introduce and define the term. And since then, collecting zero-party data and how to collect this has been a very important affair for companies around the globe.

How to collect zero-party data?

Surveys and quizzes are great ways to collect such information from your customer. However, with great data comes great responsibility. So, when you are asking for information from your customer, you should provide something as value in return. You can provide them with some discounts or stuff which acts as the motivation in the first place for them to take the effort and share that information. Imagine you have sent an email campaign asking your customers to take a survey. Why will they click on the CTA and spend that time filling out that survey?

Do note that while collecting information from your customer through surveys and quizzes, you have to be very transparent about why you are collecting that information. For example, you will find many fashion brands asking questions about personal style, color preferences, and stuff. The customer should feel comfortable while providing you with such information.

One more important part is that the customer should feel that he/she is in control of what information they are willing to share with you. Keeping opt-in questions or the ability to skip certain kinds of questions inside your survey or quiz hence becomes very important. Typeform - a tool to create Surveys and quizzes

Typeform is a SaaS platform that specializes in online form building and online surveys. Typeform's user-friendly interface and customizable templates make it easy to create engaging surveys and quizzes. For example, a Fashion brand can use Typeform to create a survey and ask questions about their customer’s fashion preferences, color choices,s, etc.

The data collected from the survey could then be used to personalize the customer's experience and make relevant product recommendations.

Overall, Typeform is a versatile tool that can be used to collect and utilize zero-party data to provide personalized experiences for customers. By using Typeform, e-commerce companies can enhance privacy, build trust with customers, and improve the customer experience.

Why integrate with Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that can be used to collect and utilize zero-party data to provide personalized experiences for customers. With Klaviyo, e-commerce companies can use surveys and quizzes to gather information from customers and use that information to segment their email lists and personalize their marketing campaigns.

So, when you have a combination of Klaviyo with Typeform, it can work wonders as a marketing solution. Here are some ways, that you can use these two:

  1. Personalized email campaigns: Integrate Typeform with Klaviyo to collect zero-party data from customers through surveys and quizzes. Use the data collected to segment your email list and personalize your email campaigns, delivering relevant content and product recommendations to each customer.
  2. Customer engagement: Use Typeform to create quizzes and surveys that are fun and engaging for customers. Encourage customers to participate by offering incentives, such as discounts or entry into a prize draw. The data collected from the surveys and quizzes can then be used to improve the customer experience and Klaviyo plays a very important role in that.
  3. Lead generation: Use Typeform to create landing pages and forms for customers to provide their information, such as their email address, in exchange for something of value, such as a free e-book or trial. Use Klaviyo to create targeted campaigns for these leads, nurturing them until they are ready to make a purchase.
  4. Customer feedback: Use Typeform to gather customer feedback and opinions on products, services, and the overall customer experience. Use Klaviyo to share the feedback with your team and use the insights to improve your products and services.

By using Klaviyo and Typeform together, e-commerce companies can gather valuable data from customers, personalize their marketing efforts, and enhance the customer experience. These tools can also help companies build trust with customers by being transparent about data collection and providing customers with control over their data.


In conclusion, combining Typeform and Klaviyo in your e-commerce marketing strategy can significantly enhance the customer experience and drive sales. Typeform allows you to gather valuable insights and feedback from your customers, while Klaviyo offers a powerful email marketing automation tool to reach and engage with your audience. Together, they offer a seamless and personalized approach to e-commerce marketing, helping you to effectively communicate with your customers and increase conversions. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your existing strategy, incorporating Typeform and Klaviyo into your marketing plan is a smart choice.