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Adonis JS - In search of a good Node framework

Posted on 23 Oct 2020 by Amitav Roy

Adonis JS - In search of a good Node framework

Coming from a PHP and Laravel background, I have a lot of expectations from the framework that I will be using for any project. By working for almost a decade in PHP and with Laravel for the last 4 to 5 years I got use to a lot of niceties available with this framework. And, I think apart from the framework, the huge collection of packages and amazing tooling available not only does this framework allow rapid development but also gives a lot of attention towards the developers.

From there, when I shifted to the Node eco-system, I felt a little out of place. I mean yes, there is a lot of cool things happening in this amazing world of Node. However, when I looked at some of the popular frameworks like Express or Koa I felt out of place.

I had questions like, where is the routes file? Where should I keep my controllers? And then, I started realizing that these frameworks provide just the bare minimum. And then, it is up to you to figure out things. Now, for those who want to explore the nice and cool things about the framework, to do a lot of glittery things about structure it’s fine. But those who want to pick a strong platform and get started with it, I find this a little annoying.

In the world of JavaScript, there is always an alternative to everything. This is both good and bad in a way. Good, because we can do a lot of architectural things based on requirements. However, it also means those who are not completely aware can go really wrong.

  • How does CSRF tokens work?
  • How can I sanitize the input coming from the user through a form?
  • How validations will work and what kind of response and status code will be sent?

While I was trying to answer these questions and wondering out there on the internet, I stumbled upon Sails JS and Adonis JS. Now, I am not trying to compare these frameworks here. But, as a developer who loves to work with Laravel, I found Adonis to be a ray of light. Yes, it is not as big as may be Sails JS. In my next few blog posts, I will walk you through my experience with this while I try to build something using this framework from scratch.