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HTML5 local storage with Angular JS

Posted on 6 Jul 2013 by Amitav Roy

In this tutorial, I will use the HTML5 browser local storage along with Angular JS. This storage is very useful for making applications work in offline mode and quickly shift to online mode. This ensures that the application will work without fail even if the internet connectivity is not available.

Angular JS auto update factory sharedObject on database update

Posted on 10 Jun 2013 by Amitav Roy

Getting notifications about a new comment or new activity on Facebook without page reload, or even new mail notification on Gmail is a very important functionality to support the single page app. In this tutorial, I will show how we can call the Angular JS factory method at fixed intervals and update shared data if there is any change in the database.

AngularJS using factory method, post data and saving to DB

Posted on 19 Mar 2013 by Amitav Roy

In the last tutorial, I showed how we can use the factory method to share an object (in our case the list of books) and then we displayed those books in our view. The next step is to post data so that we can add another book to the database and that will also update the main listing. So, in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.

AngularJS using factory method and shared objects with broadcast

Posted on 16 Mar 2013 by Amitav Roy

My RND with Angular JS in recent time has increased so I thought it would be a good idea to share a few more Angular JS tutorials. In this tutorial, we will be using the factory method of Angular JS to centrally handle shared objects. Divided again in two parts – this one deals with getting the data and setting up the broadcasts.

Part 4 – Basic CRUD with Codeigniter

Posted on 3 Mar 2013 by Amitav Roy

In this fourth part of the series, we will implement a basic CRUD for Books. We will set up the controller to have a listing, edit and delete page. The model will do the database level activity and the views will show the listing form and the edit form also.

Part 3 Sending data from controller to views and partials

Posted on 17 Feb 2013 by Amitav Roy

In this tutorial, I will show how we can send data from the controller to the view and then into the partials which will then react to the data and do their work. The controller will decide which JS files to load in the footer template and also send the page title in the header template.

Ajax data using Angular JS http and use $route service inside Codeigniter framework

Posted on 6 Nov 2012 by Amitav Roy

This is my second tutorial on Angular JS. In this tutorial I will show you how to get ajax data using Angular JS http service and how to use $route service – a very powerful and sleek feature where you can define multiple pages inside a single page, load different content without refreshing the page. Similar to how in gmail we can look at different mails without refreshing the page.

Single page app Angular JS $http inside Code Igniter using Twitter Bootstrap

Posted on 27 Sept 2012 by Amitav Roy

Angular JS is picking up a lot of appreciation for its powerful features. A javascript framework which makes HTML smarter. Following a MVC patter, this framework can not only reduce a hell lot of java script code in your application, but also give an very powerful user experience. In this tutorial, I will explain, how we can use Angular JS $http to get ajax data in JSON format and then quickly use that in our application inside Codeigniter environment using Bootstrap.