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Why is reading code important for every developer?

Posted on 30 Jun 2022 by Amitav Roy

As a developer the habit of reading code can do wonders to your coding ability and accelerate your speed of learning. You spend only about 1 hour coding for every 10 hours you read. And hence, the skill of reading code becomes very important. Let's understand how it helps, how it works and how you can improve it.

Sendgrid as your newsletter email marketing sending solution

Posted on 27 Mar 2022 by Amitav Roy

Newsletter is one form of content which has been quite popular. It has been the de facto for many brands and e-commerce websites to communicate with their customers. And it has also been a great way of reaching out for individuals to others who share similar interests.

Flutter for mobile development - my first impressions

Posted on 6 Jan 2022 by Amitav Roy

Flutter for mobile development - my first impressions Recently I decided to build a mobile app for my own consumption. I wanted to track my expenses and also have a single app which I can use to track my tasks, my habit tracker etc. And, being a developer, I thought it would be a good idea to build something on my own which solves my problem. And, that’s when I decided to start learning [Flutter](

Install Laravel on your machine with Docker composer container

Posted on 22 Nov 2021 by Amitav Roy

It’s not necessary that busy days will mean your energy is completely drowned out. After long hours on call, finally I got a chance to dig deeper into the problem. This was bothering me for almost 2 days now and so I was up for the challenge. What’s the problem that I was trying to solve? - **I want to install Laravel using a Composer image.**

Understanding the secret of secrets

Posted on 16 Aug 2021 by Amitav Roy

Understanding the secret of secrets Any application that you create will have some secrets. Even a todo application which is storing information into a database has secrets. The credentials that you use to connect to the database is a secret for that application, isn’t it? But, many developers don’t pay enough attention to this part.

X tips to effective headlines for your blog post

Posted on 25 Jul 2021 by Amitav Roy

Effective communication depends on a lot of factors. Blogging is one medium where your skill to choose words can make a big difference. In this article, I am going to talk about one such tip which I found while doing my research. And, when I looked at validating it - I was surprised how big an impact it can make.

Power of estimation for developers

Posted on 17 Apr 2021 by Amitav Roy

I have been working software developer and a Technical project manager at Focalworks for more than 10 years now. Over the years, I have realised the importance of accurate estimates. Accurate estimates are important for projects to be productive and profitable. It doesn't matter whether it's a fixed price project or a retainer model. Accurate estimates ensure that work is getting delivered on time.