Some disadvantages of single page application

With Javascript becoming so prominent on the web, single page applications are becoming a very common thing to do. Now, as a developer there are many advantages to creating single page applications. But, there are certain things which are really big disadvantage with SPAs and this article nicely explains and compares the problems with a normal web based application.

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Getting started with Vue.js

Get started with Vue.js

There are many javascript frameworks available for front end development. Each has it’s own set of unique features. But one which really attracted me is Vue.js. I recently started learning Angular2 and Vuejs simultaneously and I found it very easy to work with Vuejs. In fact, I am really loving development with Vuejs. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can create a very basic Todo app and learn the basics of Vue.js.

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S3 bucket and upload file in Laravel with IAM user – Ep11 – SPA Laravel & AngularJS

In this tutorial I will show you how to create an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then we will upload images into the bucket. We will first create an IAM user which will also key the KEY and the SECRET which is required for the PHP SDK to work and upload images on S3. Continue reading “S3 bucket and upload file in Laravel with IAM user – Ep11 – SPA Laravel & AngularJS”