My trip to Shrivardhan, Harihareshwar

Shrivardhan is a small city about 180 kms from Navi Mumbai and it is a perfect place for a small trip. If you have a couple of days in hand then a trip to this place would be a perfect holiday destination.

The place is not very far away from Mumbai or Navi Mumbai and the roads are generally in good condition throughout the year. I went there in the month of April and the roads were in perfect condition with my wife.

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Road trip to Durshet

Destination Durshet

Planning the trip:
It was around 2 AM when suddenly I got a message from my friend to come online. We decided to go for a short road trip… thanks to Facebook updates on mobile which woke me up ;). With only 3 hours of sleep, we were suppose to start early at around 6:30 AM towards Durshet. Where is it? What are the things to see? I was not at all sure about that… the only thing I knew was that I have not been to a trip for quite some time now and I was bored of my daily routine. Continue reading “Road trip to Durshet”