Laravel 5 middleware to authenticate oauth access token before controller

OAuth gives access token to users using which the user let’s the server know that he is a valid and authenticated user. After this authentication, he is allowed to view data from the REST API. We are going to do the same in this tutorial. I have a REST url which has some data which a user with a valid access should be able to view. If the user doesn’t have an access token or the token has expired, then I will throw appropriate error message. Continue reading “Laravel 5 middleware to authenticate oauth access token before controller”

Using composer packages with Drupal 7

In this video tutorial I will show you how we can use composer packages inside Drupal modules. This module will give us easy access to using popular classes and extend our Drupal module with those functionality. In this video I will convert a database query result into a CSV as well as use famous Illuminate database package to query a Drupal database for demonstration purpose. Continue reading “Using composer packages with Drupal 7”