CSS hack/fix for Google chrome and Safari

CSS Hacks Chrome and Safari

This time it is a small one about how to fix a css issue. I was working on the theme of my website when I came across this strange problem. One of my div container with an image had some negative margin. This was working wonders on Firefox and Opera, but somehow Google chrome was not in a mood to co-operate. I could have used some server side code to check the browser and things like that, but then, it would have been an overkill for a small problem which can be take care with CSS hack.
By the way, I have not even mentioned about Internet Explorer because personally, I don’t support it. If it is working, then well and good 😛 (a way to say no to IE). Continue reading “CSS hack/fix for Google chrome and Safari”

Road trip to Durshet

Destination Durshet

Planning the trip:
It was around 2 AM when suddenly I got a message from my friend to come online. We decided to go for a short road trip… thanks to Facebook updates on mobile which woke me up ;). With only 3 hours of sleep, we were suppose to start early at around 6:30 AM towards Durshet. Where is it? What are the things to see? I was not at all sure about that… the only thing I knew was that I have not been to a trip for quite some time now and I was bored of my daily routine. Continue reading “Road trip to Durshet”